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Tehkan - 1984

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Collect all the bombs to complete a screen. Only one bomb at a time has a lit fuse. Collect 20 or more of these lit bombs on a level for a bonus (10k to 50k). Avoid the various monsters who chase you. Monsters are drawn in a very distinctive grey color and have a 3D look. There are various background pictures on each level (e.g. the Sphinx, skyscrapers, a castle).
Grab the powerball when it appears to freeze the monsters for a short period of time during which you can kill them simply by touching them. Collect the "Bonus" symbols to increase the score for each lit bomb collected. Pick up an "Extra" symbol for an additional man and a "Special" symbol for an extra credit. Hit the Jump button to fly up the screen until the button is released. Tap the Fly button when falling to slow the character's descent.

Ctrl, Spacebar and arrow keys to control
5 - Credit
1 - Player 1

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