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Cinematronics 1979

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Galaxian was very successful for Namco. Not only was it the first arcade game to feature true color (previous arcade games emulated color by projecting black and white images onto a colored background), but it also implemented the successful formula which Space Invaders pioneered—attacking alien armies shot down by the player. Galaxian innovated on this formula by having the insect-like aliens periodically make kamikaze-like dives at the player's ship.
Swarm after swarm of alien armies would attack the player controlling the ship, which could only move right or left, along the bottom of the screen.
Galaxian was so successful that it spawned several follow-up games. The most popular of these was its immediate successor, Galaga, which in a large part eclipsed its ancestor in popularity. Apparently, by the time Gaplus was released, the audience had tired of the repeated formula of the game, which had been exploited by numerous similar games by other developers.

Ctrl, Spacebar and arrow keys to control
5 - Credit
1 - Player 1

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